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Weight loss is a huge industry in the US. That is probably because 71% of Americans are overweight, with half of them being obese. Being over-weight contributes to not only a myriad of health issues, but it just makes you feel lousy.  Your clothes don’t fit, you’re sluggish and have low energy, and you are self-conscious in social settings.  I know. I have been there as well.

Losing weight is a simple concept but tricky process.  To guarantee long-term success you need to make sure you are getting the right advice from the right source.  Most people in the industry have an angle that will most assuredly help you lose weight, but for how long?  Will the weight stay off?  The overwhelming majority of the time the answer is NO.  That is why 95% of people who do lose weight on some kind of popular crash diet gain the weight back plus some. 

My approach is to present you with and easy to understand, easy to follow program that looks at the weight-loss process holistically. Permanent weight loss isn't only about diet and exercise, although they obviously play a major role. Everybody knows that eating right and exercising will make you lose weight so why aren't we all in great shape? There are other things that need to be addressed because human beings aren't robots. It isn't as simple as addition and subtraction. 

My focus is on you as a whole person. When you are finished with the program you will not only be slimmer and physically healthier. You will be a happier more emotionally complete person who can achieve any goal. You will be in that 5% of the population that achieves permanent weight loss because they have changed as a person and no longer fall prey to the same bad habits and bad choices that led them to obesity in the first place. I have been successful in keeping my own weight off for 15 years, and have counseled many of my patients on how to do the same.

There will be no calorie counting or weighing your food.  There will be no endless hours at the gym, there will be no injecting yourself with hormones,  just easy to follow nutritional, exercise, and lifestyle parameters from a licensed professional with years of clinical experience treating the whole person that will get you to your goal. This is not a short-term program or fad diet.  This is a book of dietary and lifestyle truths that you can apply for the rest of your life to be the person you have always wanted to be.

In this second edition of the book you will receive my custom weight loss plan comprised of 13 carefully thought out rules that mix modern nutritional science, traditional holistic truths, imperative psychological guidance and tricks, an expanded pro tips section, expanded healthy recipe section, food lists and portioning guide, exercise guide, a guide to figure out your real weight loss goals so you can tailor your journey individually, and a two week food journal to keep examine your dietary habits. Together we will make sure that you are able to shed the weight and begin to live the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted.


regaining weight doesn't have to be inevitable

you can be happy