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Evolution of a Weight Loss Supplement

When I was a younger man in my early/mid 20s, working crappy, non-inspiring, post-baccaaureatte jobs that are typically reserved for that demographic, and on the precib

us of making one of the largest decisions of my life to date to go into medicine, I had visions of what I wanted to become. I wanted to help people feel good by teaching and guiding them on how to do it. Not by taking some magic pill for eternity, but by utilizing natural means like diet, herbs, lifestyle habits to truly change their life from the inside out. I didn't know it at the time but that was really the creedo of holistic medicine...treat each person as an individual and address the root causes of the disease, seeing the person as a whole organism, and utilizing natural, non-invasive methods.

I was in love with the idea of taking a broken-down, frustrated, and neglected patient and slowly but surely watching the changes take place that would transform the look in their eye from misery to relief, hope, and then joy. Working with natural herbs and herbal remedies is what drew me towards going to school for Chinese medicine, as the history of Chinese herbal medicine is the most sophisticated, established, and well-researched herbal medicine in the world. Along the way I also came to really develop a trust in the efficacy of acupuncture, but I would say that herbs and nutrition have always been my main interests.

In school I was a voracious book worm, taking notes and making lists of the best and most effective herbs for the formulas I dreamed of one day putting together. I kept a notebook over the years that I still have to this day full of old Chinese herbs, contemporary research on modern western herbs and supplements, and everything in between. It was a book of treasures that I was going to use one day to make the world healthier!

After taking the boards and receiving my license I lept head first into practice. Before I knew it a decade had gone by that included owning practices, working in weight loss clinics, engagement and marriage, changing cities, health fairs, lectures, working on cruise ships, building an inn and spa and in Mexico and starting this website. To say the least, it has been a busy one!

But recently, after publishing my first book on weight loss and wellness, the old itch came came back. They always say that what you seek is also seeking you and that all things come in due time so I dusted off the book of treasures and put together my first formula, Total Weight Loss Formula! The principle focus of this herbal formula is to help people lose weight, but like anything in holistic medicine, it is also there to make those who take it healthier over all. There are so many positive secondary effects of the herbs that I chose for this formula that it is hard to list them all, but they include increased energy levels, decreased anxiety, improved sleep quality, lowering bad cholesterol levels, etc.

It makes me very happy to be able to put together something like this and have it on offer to help people who don't need to have set foot in my clinic to start losing weight and feeling better. The best part about it is that this gentle formula will make you feel better and better the longer you take it, just like a good diet or exercise plan. It is my hope that it is well-embraced because I would love to create more formulas to help people with the maladies of this time. Nothing would be more fulfilling...