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5 Healthy World Cup Finals Snacks to Serve at Your Party!

The world cup is here! Every four years the rotation of the Earth stops as the best countries campaign for supremacy in the world’s most popular sport. And even though this round the U.S. didn’t make the cut, there is still plenty of celebration and enjoyment to take part in. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your six pack to combat isolationist policy. Check out these recipes from 5 different countries that are easy to share and will surely be the toast of your world cup celebration this year…

Tapas from Spain:

Two things that Spain is known for would definitely be soccer (sorry, I’m American) and tapas. This recipe from for peppers stuffed with tuna is super low carb, lean, and high on nutrients and flavor. It doesn’t even require cooking! Ole!

Wings from Korea:

Ok let’s be honest, Korea isn’t exactly known for soccer, but whenever there is an international sporting competition they are in the building. The Olympics, golf, the World Baseball Classic, Korea has it going on when it comes to sports. So if you are pulling from the boys south of the demilitarized this world up, you will enjoy these tasty wings from

Brats from Germany:

Defending champs Germany pulled a major upset over both Brasil and Argentina in their back yard 4 years ago and deserve our respect. They also happen to make some of the most delicious sausages on the world and merit our respect for that as well! Pop a few of these into your mouth during the game and feel the blitzkrieg of flavor rush over you. Simply skip the croissant or use a whole wheat version.

Grilled Chicken Jalapeno Wraps from Mexico:

Speaking of Germany, our hermanos south of the border pulled a major upset in the first game of the group stage when they handed Germany their first spicy defeat of the 2018 tourney. And even though they have been eliminated, with a rich and spicy culinary history, Mexico has a lot to offer when preparing food to celebrate with, and these healthy grilled chicken jalapeno wraps from Viva Mexico!

Perenial contenders Argentina have a lot going for them. Not only do they have the best player of all time scoring goals for them, they also score big when it comes to the food. Argentina is well known for beef, and if you have never had Argentinian style ribs then you haven’t lived. Cut between the bones and dollop on some fresh chimichurri and you have a ready-made finger food straight from nature. With the healthy fats, B vitamins and fresh herbs, you can feel guilt free while you snack on this South American delight!