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Another "What the Health" Debunk

Hi all. If you are reading this blog it means that your health is important to you and if your health is important to you I'm sure you have all atleast heard of the documentary entitled "What the Health" that premiered on netflix a few month ago. This documentary made by non-health professionals makes a lot of unfounded and exotic claims about the dangers of certain animal products and the superiority of a vegan diet for optimal health. I know it is a little late, and I have made some some posts about it, but I needed to make a lengthier blog to address this film.

Now hopefully most of you have also heard that the overwhelming majority of trained and licensed health professionals have rejected and discredited the claims made in this film but the makers were very clever in the marketing of it. They even state in big bold text at the top of their webpage that this is "The Health Film that Health Organizations Don't Want You to See!" This is dangerous because it pre-persuades the consumer that the makers have some secret that nobody in healthcare wants you to know...which is untrue. Could it just be that a couple of regular people made a for profit documentary about health that is full of unfounded claims and the health community simply called BS? I think that is the more likely scenario...

Either way you don't have to take my word for it. Here is a short podcast from Chris Kresser, a well respected integrative and functional medicine practitioner, creator of one of the worlds most popular natural health sites,, and New York Times best selling author, that explains where this documentary misses the mark. I hope you listen and enjoy and pass on the word that from now on if you are going to watch a health documentary that it isn't made by your carpenter...


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