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Want a Real Detox? Skip the Juice...

The internet is a strange place. It moves so quickly and spreads information so easily. Sometimes that is a great thing in regards to bogo sales, the arab spring, and online dating, but sometimes it is not so great. Some people put things on the internet and regardless of whether or not they are true they can spread like wild fire. This is happening a lot in the area of health and wellness and we are here today to discuss and dispel one of the most common myths I see: Juice detox.

I'm almost 100% positive that if you have been on instagram or pinterest in the last 2 years you have seen beautifully abdominaled bodies and bendy, stretchy yogis with large followings touting some form of juice detox that has changed their lives and given them the super human attributes that they seem to have through their carefully angled filtered photos. They have their favorite flavors and "just love" drinking their juices after a hard workout or while chilling with their pomeranians during the latest snap. Sometimes even qualified, believable health practitioners get involved in the game...

The problem is, however, that while juices are tasty and a great way to get a boat load of nutrients that most people otherwise wouldn't get, they aren't really the best way to boost your body's detox capabilities.

One essential reason for this is because, in order for your body to rid itself of the toxins that are processed by the liver, it needs fiber, and lots of it. Fiber binds to toxins in the intestines and caries them out of the body through feces. When you juice fruits and veggies most of the fiber is lost, leaving the toxins to be reabsorbed and stored in the fat cells.

Another reason is the types of foods that go into the juices. Most of them are full of healthy nutrients and antioxidants like I stated above, but the overwhelming majority of them are lacking in the best food sources of the nutrients you need to bolster the liver's detox pathways. The main reason for that is due to the fact that they just wouldn't taste too good going down the gullet. How would you like a brussels sprout smoothie? None for me thanks!

These "detox juices" are often expensive and are also full of sugar due to the concentration of the fructose inside of the mostly fruits and few veggies that go into them. That is why they are so high in calories despite being a health product. So if you are just looking for a fruity way to get in lots of nutrients then juice away baby. But if you are looking for a good detox I suggest looking elsewhere.

Our detox program is a low-cost, common sense, scientifically-backed balanced approach to detoxifying your body and feeling great. There are no juices, no boring foods, and no starving. Just results.