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Avocado or Avocadon't?

I know, I know. You love avocado. You don’t want to hear anything negative about it. I understand. We are in the same boat here. But hear me out before you judge this post by the title. It isn’t as bad as it seems I promise…

Recently I came across this little article that posed the question: can you have too much avocado?The answer unfortunately is yes. But not because avocado has some micronutrient or phytochemical that will make your fingernails fall out if you have too much of it. The reason is much simpler: because avocados are high in fat.

“What?! I thought avocados were full of good fat! Isn’t it supposed to be a super food?”, you ask. Yes, you are right. The fat in avocados is wonderful for your brain, heart, and almost everything else in your body. That is not the concern with the fat. It simply boils down to a question of calories. As it was stated in the article, an average avocado has around 250 calories because of the fat content so, while the fat is good for you, if you eat too many in a day you could simply be taking in more calories than you burn which can hamper any weight loss efforts you make be making.

And the fact that avocado has become the go-to powerhouse ingredient for food companies trying to health up their menus means that it is EVERYWHERE, so it may be easier for you to get more than you need.

So basically, go ahead and eat that avocado on your steak torta or in your tortilla soup, just skip the avocado icecream later ok?