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Burn Belly Blubber with the Formerly Banned Foods

You have to love research. In recent years the body of evidence has been growing that tells us many of the formerly black listed foods types and categories in regards to a healthy diet are getting the bad branding removed. This has been welcome news for people like me who love a good burger or a little yellow in your eggs.

This article, recently published on yahoo outlines a few food options that are back on the healthy diet list after years of being banished. For some of these (namely popcorn and white potatoes) it may still be best to take a bit of caution when deciding to pile them on your plate due to the lack of a large body of research that is typically required before accepting such suggestions as truth. But for the others they are increasingly more accepted and more research comes out.

So eat up and enjoy if it has been some time since you enjoyed a real've waited long enough!