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Lard Only Knows: More Proof that Fat Belongs in Your Diet

I have been elated for the past couple of years since science began to discover that fat may not be the ultimate enemy of America the way that Hannibal was to Rome. I had suspicions before the science began to emerge based solely on the fact that for over three decades Americans had removed fat from their diet while their waistline simultaneously expanded. Something didn't add up. Now there is all of this wonderful, beautiful research that is overturning everything we thought we knew and adding the flavor back into our diets! Who needs 100 cal packs anyway?!

A new update from Men's Health Magazine this month gives further reinforcement to what we all wanted to hear. It is healthy to replace carbs with fat. Especially the excerpt where the researcher states "He found that men who take in only about 11 percent of their calories from carbs burn more than twice as much body fat during exercise as their high-carb counterparts do." I'm still wiping away the tears of joy!

Read the full piece here and rest well knowing that butter is back!