Brandon J. Lee, D.O.M., C.W.M.S.

A Professional with Personal Experience

Brandon J. Lee, D.O.M., C.W.M.S. started his journey into holistic medicine when he lost over 100lbs in his early twenties.  He became fascinated by the effects that nutrition and exercise can have on the body and became certified as a personal trainer while still in school at N.C. State University.

After graduation Brandon decided to take his interests deeper and sought out more education in order to help people with complicated health issues and give them natural options instead of the standard of treatment that left many wanting more.  He moved to Florida and studied Acupuncture, herbology, holistic nutrition and other natural methodologies at the Florida College of Integrative Medicine. Brandon is a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine in the state of Florida and a certified weight management specialist.

Brandon has since worked in private practice in a variety of integrative settings with a variety of physicians. He has worked as a nutrition consultant for healthy meal delivery services, worked in weight loss clinics, lectured about nutrition, acupuncture and natural health topics, written articles for newspapers, magazines and blogs, and is the owner of Costa Maya Wellness and Natural Skin Care Spa in Mexico. With he now brings his wealth of knowledge and best programs to you!