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Weight loss and wellness are my passions.  They have been since I began my own journey to lose over 115lbs.  Since that journey began over 15 years ago, I have been able to leverage the things that I have learned through my own experiences and education to help hundreds of patients lose thousands of pounds, de-stress their lives, and detoxify their bodies so that they can share the experience of truly feeling good.

Losing weight, becoming a healthier person mentally and physically, and reaching your goals in life don’t have to be rigorous and impossible experiences.  They just have to be done right. Some people want to make it seem that way so that you become dependent on them for your success.


That isn’t what I’m here for.  Quite the opposite.  I want you to forget about adopting a warrior mentality.  I want you to forget about adding stress to your already hectic routine. I want you to breathe, relax, and take a sensible approach to achieving long-term success in your goals.

My years in clinical practice and my own personal experience have given me expertise that I want to give to you so that you can lose weight, get healthy, and be happy. Start with the book, boost your efforts with the herbs, and stay motivated with a gym Tee! So if you are ready to begin your own journey, I am ready to help you achieve the best version of you…